September welcomes the beginning of meteorological autumn in the northern hemisphere. Sapphire’s rich blue, pink and yellow hues capture the essence of this autumnal season and make the perfect gift for those born in this month. Join us as we explore the geological origins, cultural history and enduring significance of the gemstone sapphire.

Geological Origins

Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum. Its colour derives from the presence of trace elements, primarily iron and titanium.

While it is most well-known for its blue-grey colours, sapphires also appear in yellows, pinks and greens, and even colourless (known as white sapphire).

These variations in colour are due to the subtle differences in the chemical composition and presence of trace elements.

Most sapphires are found in metamorphic or igneous rock formations and have a crystalline structure, making them one of the Earth’s toughest minerals (second only to diamond!).

Infographic with a blue background and information about the gemstone Sapphire, the birthstone for the month of September

 Cultural history

Sapphire gemstones have been revered for centuries, from East to West.

In ancient Persia, it was believed that the Earth rested on a giant sapphire, and the blue of the sky was its reflection. This idea highlights the gemstone’s continued association with eternity and divine wisdom.

Sapphires also hold great significance within Hindu tradition and are considered to be auspicious gemstones associated with blessings, protection and prosperity.

During the Middle Ages in Europe, sapphires were linked to protection and spirituality. Clergy members often adorned themselves with sapphire jewellery and sapphires were thought to have healing properties and were used in various remedies.

How to wear sapphire

Sapphire continues to be an elegant and versatile element of jewellery to this day. We find a particular charm in rough-cut sapphires; their unpolished finish and natural inclusions speak to the beauty of nature.

Blue Sapphire and Gold Vermeil Beaded Necklace

While sapphires are striking on their own, they also pair wonderfully with some other of our favourite gemstones, including emeralds and pearls. 

Gemstone earrings featuringsYellow Sapphires and Emeralds in a gold setting with a hook fitting

Oval gemstone and gold stud earrings with blue sapphires and white freshwater pearls

And if you can't choose between blue, pink or yellow sapphires, we also have a soft spot for ‘rainbow’ sapphire beads, which encompass all these colours and more. 

Rainbow Sapphire Beaded Necklace and Bracelet

Whether you're drawn to its vibrant blue shades or the more unique and unconventional colours, sapphire is a diverse gemstone that is easy to wear and can easily be dressed up or down.






September 27, 2023 — Jessie Mundy