Join us as we explore the meaning, history and uses of the gemstone Peridot, the birthstone for the month of August.

What is peridot?

Peridot is a semi-precious gemstone and a form of the mineral olivine. Its vibrant green colour derives from the presence of iron, with the hue ranging from yellow-green to olive-green depending on the concentration of iron.

Unlike most gemstones, peridot is formed deep within the Earth's mantle and brought to the surface through volcanic activity. 

Infographic with information about the gemstone peridot, the birthstone for the month of August

 The meaning of the gemstone

The symbolism surrounding peridot spans through time and cultures.

Often referred to as the "gem of the sun," peridot symbolises renewal, growth, and vitality. Ancient Egyptians believed that the stone's vibrant green colour came from the presence of the sun itself.

In Hawaiian mythology, peridot is believed to be the tears of the volcanic goddess Pele. According to the legend, peridot forms when Pele cries as she is banished from her volcanic home.

In medieval Europe, peridot was believed to ward off darkness and protect against negative forces, making it a talisman of strength and resilience.

Peridot has held significance for many peoples and cultures, both past and present. To this day, it is valued as a representation of love, compassion, and openness, helping to foster both bonds of friendship and emotional healing. 

How to wear peridot

Peridot has a distinct vibrant green colour and looks striking in both silver and gold settings. Its fresh green hues make it perfect for summer days - and August birthdays - but it is easy to wear all year round. 

Bold and captivating as a single gemstone, we also think it looks particularly striking paired with other semi-precious stones, such as Carnelian and Amethyst and Garnet.  

Here are some of our favourite peridot pairings...

Carved Amethyst with Faceted Peridot Earrings 

Carved Amethyst and Faceted Peridot Gemstone and Gold Drop Earrings
Peridot with Garnet Gemstone and Gold Beaded Necklace

Carnelian and Peridot Gemstone and Gold Beaded Necklace


August 19, 2023 — Jessie Mundy